Community Self-Reliance


Social Justice

Our Mission

Bay Localize is building a more self-reliant, sustainable, and socially just Bay Area. We work to catalyze a shift from a globalized, fossil fuel-based economy that enriches a few and weakens most, to a localized green economy that strengthens all Bay Area communities. We develop tools that identify local opportunities, connect grassroots groups and policymakers, and advance projects that enhance regional self-reliance, sustainability, and equity.

Our Goal

To increase community livability and local resilience while decreasing fossil fuel use.

We are working to build a cooperative, inclusive movement toward regional self-reliance. To help prepare our region for the coming end of cheap oil -- and the progressive decline in long-distance imports that will follow -- we are developing flexible tools and models that area groups and municipal governments can implement in their own locales to bring the production of food, energy, and essential goods and services closer to home.

At present, we are focused on three projects:

Localization Asset Map

Over the course of the next year, Bay Localize will be performing an inventory of localization organizations and projects presently underway throughout the Bay Area. These efforts will be mapped, along with information on the scope of their activities, their relationship to localization, and full contact details. Bay Localize envisions the map as a multi-purpose tool to connect localization organizers and advocates with one another, direct new volunteers to local initiatives and projects, and demonstrate the various activities that localization entails

Localization Strategy Initiative

With interest growing in localization, the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE), the International Forum on Globalization (IFG), Redefining Progress (RP), Post Carbon Institute (PCI), and Bay Localize came together in early April to explore how we might work together to forward a comprehensive localization strategy for the 9-county Bay Area. On May 10, we jointly hosted a localization strategy summit at the Oakland Mayor's Office attended by over 60 nonprofit and green business leaders, food security analysts, renewable energy specialists, and several elected officials and public agency representatives. In the coming months, our collaborative will be coordinating working groups focused on enhancing the viability of local business enterprises, advancing various localization policy measures, and empowering communities and organizations working on localization efforts.

Rooftop Resources Project

What kind of potential do urban rooftops (both residential and commercial) have for food-growing, energy production, and water collection? Given that current policies, research, and building codes aren't geared toward the development of rooftop resources, Bay Localize will be leading a study to survey and develop a model for implementing rooftop gardens, renewable energy, and rainwater catchment systems. This study aims to assess the feasibility of such projects by evaluating various obstacles to their development, determining what volumes of resources they could yield, and identifying economic and employment opportunities they could generate.

Charitable Giving


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